Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Wheels

These invitations were created for our very own off spring! Though I must admit designing around hot wheels would not be my number one choice, it's what my little guy wanted and we all want to give our kids exactly what they want- right! This design is a perfect example of how we can incorporate jpeg images into our designs when the design in need may be a main stream licensed graphic like so...

He specifically wanted Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, a popular tv show right now.
And this is my son after all, so of course it did not end there! I'm sure I had all the fellow kindergarten parents wondering just what I was thinking when they received an invitation to a 6 year olds birthday party which included enclosures!
calendar reminder
With the school year coming to a close, my son's party was a way out from the time he had to pass out his invitations. So to put my mind at ease that not everyone would forget, I created calendar reminder stickers.
To create calendar markers, I simply printed a card and attached a small round sticker. To create stickers simply print on full sheet label and as with all our round designs, punch with a round paper punch. I then attached the sticker to the card with a glue dot and viola, your guests now have a sticker to put right on their calendar so they don't forget your event!

And to finish off the perfect invitation, a name sticker and envelope seal were placed on each envelope.
Stayed tuned for many more printable details to this upcoming party!
And you can check out the details from Ethan's 5th birthday party from last year which was Ben 10 themed- HERE.
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