Friday, February 25, 2011

Printable Bag Designs

I think I am most excited about this new printable product then I have ever been to add a new item to the shop! And from the response I am getting it looks like everyone else loves em too! Available in custom and send ready designs . I love the late night snack and candy station trend in weddings right now; my printable bag designs will add just a little more cuteness to this cute trend!

Printable bags available in glassine and kraft, the glassine are available in a mini size as well.

Read more at print your party.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Printable Cocktail Umbrellas

I'm so excited to add prinatble cocktail umbrella designs to the shop! Avaiable in custom designs and as a set as well!
To create: Order a design from PYP, download, print and follow the following steps...
*a 3 inch round craft punch works great with this design
*glue tape rollers are a great alternative to standard tape. When using a heavier stock, I would recommend using a stronger glue
*applying a glue dot prior to stabbing the skewer gives you an instant hold
*for extra durabilty, I recommend securing with additional wet glue which can set around stick.
For more info. visit print your party.

500 Fans giveaway winner!

Yeh- PYP has reached 500 "likers" on face book. Congrats to Lacey Teasdale who won a $25 gift certificate in the drawing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


PYP is just 10 fans away from 500 likers! Suggest the PYP face book page to your friends and family for your chance at a $25 PYP gift certificate. All fans new and old will be entered into the drawing . As soon as my ticker hits 500, I'll announce who won the drawing! Thanks for your business and support! And good luck!!