Sunday, July 12, 2009

Googling Yourself :)

We are going into our 4th month as a small new business so once in a while it's fun to google our shop to see what I can find and it's exciting to see that people are talking about us! Mostly blogs, and blogs all around the world at that. Though I could not understand what the international blogs were saying since I am not bilingual, it's exciting to see people excited about our products, so much that they are taking upon themselves to share it with everyone! I will share a few things I was tickled to see...    

I think I was the most excited to see this one- A small article featured on my diy wedding day, a site put on by the, featured our stir stick design.

This sight,, a sight where people recommend and "rave" about what products they like has 11 of our printables recommended! Very Exciting!

It was also exciting to see many personal blogs give us mention, this one was one of my favs that had us featured- Everyday Beautiful featured our printable wine label.

And last, a google caption that had us next to Amsale, caught my attention. I was thrilled to see that Project Wedding has a link to our page on Amsale's Project Wedding Page under "Find More Designer's like This"!! Though we don't design dresses, you can compare us to a high caliber designer like Amsale any day, what a wonderful compliment! Thanks Project Wedding! This surely explains the daily international hits we have been receiving on our Project Wedding Page.

So call it "tooting your own horn" but it's exciting to see something that started from nothing but a simple idea a few months ago grow into something that people are talking about. And all this has come just from our little shop on etsy, I can't wait to see what our official website brings- as of today it is officially under construction. Katie- I say we give ourselves a pat on the back!

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